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Nia: The Voter

5 Nov

Nia’s school had its mock election on Monday and I was able to document Nia’s recap.  I apologize for the quality of the video though – I was in a hurry.

Donkeys or Elephants – It Doesn’t Matter

14 Sep

It’s no secret, I’ve always been a very wishy-washy person when it comes to politics or controversial issues.  It drives Andrew crazy because he wishes I would just take a stand on something.  Well, it seems I finally have formed an opinion and I’m actually going to put it out there for all to read and judge.

It all involves the coverage concerning the election.  People rooting for Obama are pleased as punch when journalists “tough” question the McCain/Palin camp. “Yeah!  Go get ’em Campbell Brown!  Woo hoo Barbara!  That’s the way to put them in their place!”  Those for McCain get disgusted and cry out that “It’s not fair!  They didn’t question Obama that way!  Wah!  Don’t be mean to Sarah!  What did she ever do to you?”

Well, it’s all crap.  It’s one thing for these “journalists” to want answers so they can better inform the public, it just doesn’t seem like that’s what they are really doing to me.  In almost every Big Media-McCain/Palin interview I’ve witnessed, the reporter/anchor was rude, argumentative, confrontational and almost certainly showed which candidate they really want to win. (Which I was taught was a no-no for journalists but maybe they are teaching something else these days.)  To me, it feels like these particular journalists are acting like the fans of a winning team that’s letting the lead slip through the cracks.

Does that mean I think McCain is going to win?  I have no idea.  Does it really matter?  Are you serious?  Haven’t we learned anything from history?  It doesn’t matter who has the title of President before his (or for some of you *gasp* her) name, it will always be the fault of the person who previously bared that title and for those who supported that person, it will be their gain when the current titleholder earns praise.

of these candidates are perfect.  None of them are the answer to all that ails our country.  Do people really believe that any of these people are going to make it all better?  Or that they will make it any worse?  It is my genuine feeling that it does not matter who is elected.  We will still have problems.  We will still have positives.  We will still have struggles.  We will still have laughter.  We will still have debates.  We will still have agreements.  We will still be going through the motions.  We will still adjust to change.  No. Matter. Who. Is. President.

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