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I like you in real life, but not in e-mail life

16 Sep

I had a recent in-person conversation with someone I thought was cool. That was until that person told me she hated when people peppered their e-mails with exclamation points. I immediately did the wrong thing. I decided, I don’t think this person is that cool anymore. Why? Because I’m an exclamation pointer, of course!

What? Really? Did I just form an opinion of someone because of her attitude toward electronic communication? Ridiculous and common.

  • Maybe you dislike the person who never shows emotion in their e-mail. Their message sounds dry, cold or demanding. Maybe you’re the opposite (like my uncool acquaintance above) and can’t stand it when people use the exclamation point.
  • The same goes for the smiley face. Maybe you think it helps signify that you’re kidding, friendly or providing service with a smile. Others, though, may see it as unprofessional. They automatically don’t take you seriously and won’t be able to anymore.
  • All caps – why are you yelling at me? No caps – lazy much?
  • Nice in person but an a-hole online? An a-hole in person but suddenly get a sense of humor in every e-mail you send?

Have your own e-mail annoyance?

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