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4 Sep

I would love to tell you all about my first day of work right now.  I would love to tell you how it was really great.  That the only “bad” things that happened were that my shoes made my feet bleed and that my boss above my boss had to inform me I was violating the dress code with my very cute capris.  I would love to tell you how they decorated my desk with streamers, yellow paper plates cut into suns and Starburst candy.  I know you’d like to know how I walked everywhere and everyone I met seemed really happy that I was there.  I wish I could tell you how they all made me feel so welcome and how I think I’m really going to like my job and co-workers.

It would be so great to tell you all of that but I’m super exhausted and must get to sleep to start it all over again.

Before I go though, there is one thing I have the energy to share – I’m really looking forward to another day there and hope the kids keep having great days too.

Vacation’s Over

25 Aug

After two months of waking up late, fun tennis matches, napping in the middle of the day, playing outside with the kids and spending almost every minute of the day together, it all changes tomorrow.  Andrew’s first day back on the job begins at 8 am and we couldn’t be more excited.

As much as this has been an uncertain time, we got to be together as a family like we probably never will again.  It may seem crazy to say, but I’m actually thankful for the layoff.  What seemed like such a challenge and a bad thing really wasn’t at all.  I’m so proud of how we made the most of the situation and didn’t let it bring us down.  I think it’s so awesome that Andrew will soon be on his way to doing what he always wanted to do.  Everything happens for a reason.

I wish you luck on your first day Andrew!  You continue to amaze me with your strength, determination and positive attitude.  You are a good influence!  (Says your pessimistic wife!)


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