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Glorious Growth

14 May

She’s had Sunday school after Sunday school, learning about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our church. She’s earned Disciple Dollar after Disciple Dollar for all the school work she’s turned in and questions answered in class. She asks questions to us. Wants to learn more. Says her prayers. Follows along to the readings in church. Sings songs of praise – in church and when at home.

Nia was prepared and excited for today. Her First Holy Communion. She felt so special getting to receive the body and blood of Jesus. She told me the blessed wine shocked her a bit because she got a bigger sip than she meant to. But that, “She tried really hard not to make a face.” I think the Sacrament is already showing her about growing closer to God. Tonight, she added more to her nightly prayer, asking God to please keep her family safe. For a little girl who usually only says, “Now I lay me down to sleep…” this is a wonderful thing.

Our little Bean – growing up in mind, beauty, spirit and faith.

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3 Dresses, 1 Special Day

25 Apr

Her prayers and lessons are learned. She knows how to hold her hands. Her veil is ready. Her new shoes are broken in. Her confessions of being mean to her brother and lying to a friend have been prayed over. Now, which dress does she wear as she celebrates her First Holy Communion?

Nia’s special day happens in a few weeks and we are all ready, except for that formal component.

My mom washed and shipped mine to us but it is out-dated and way too big. Plus, Nia was not a fan. Can’t tell that by the picture below, can you?

She loves it!

We shopped online together and found two she really liked. Once they arrived, picking was tough. She kept asking which one I liked best. I wouldn’t tell her. I kept stressing to her that it’s her special day. She asked if she could take a picture in each of them but then decided against it. She stared at them. She thought. She chose. “The long, straight one is my favorite.” I told her that her veil would look beautiful with it and she hugged me, never knowing my true favorite. (The other one.)


Nia loves the left one.

We were going to return the other dress but we’ve decided to donate it to our church just in case another little girl needs one. Based off Nia’s tough decision, we think it will make someone very happy.

Don’t worry. My dress from the mid-80’s will stay here with me.

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