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Aisle Magazine Cover Quiz

16 Apr

They’re meant to keep young (or easily offended/don’t want to see it?) eyes from spying questionable subject matter while mom/dad empties the shopping cart at the grocery store checkout. For Nia though, they do the opposite. For as long as I can remember, they’ve been quietly inviting her to look behind them. Her inquisitive mind wondering, why are those magazines covered when the others are not? Now, it’s almost like a quiz – supplying understanding to her constantly growing knowledge bank.

During our latest trip to the store, I actually had all my groceries on the belt and was able to take some pictures of her as she peeked behind the plastic shields. Like always, when she couldn’t figure out why a magazine was covered, she would ask me and I would explain it to her the best I could – with answers like, “Some people may not find that proper.” Or, “Maybe it’s because of certain words on the magazine that some may not want to see while in line.” That, of course, would cause her to ask which words and why. For other covers though, she figured it out right away…


What's behind censor cover #1?


She's contemplating why this one is covered.


The Word "Sexy" Revealed


Didn't even have to think about this censor cover...

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