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Measuring Fun with the Baby Monitor

14 Sep

When all the red lights on the baby monitor are reaching peak levels, several things could be happening.

One – your baby is screaming his/her head off in the crib – disturbed that people have not immediately stopped what they’re doing to rescue him/her from the prison.

Two – your baby is having a good old time in there talking about the night he/she had to the mobile of stuffed animals/cars or that one spot on the wall you keep meaning to fix.

Three – alien communication is being picked up. (Signs is an awesome movie.)

Four – some sort of mischief is going on between a 3 year old big sister and her 8 month old brother.

Wednesday morning I had the joy of experiencing number four.

In the middle of drying my hair, my 3 year old runs to me with a big smile and a squeal and then darts away.  I figured she went to her room to play before we have to leave.  Then, I see all the lights on the baby monitor light up then quickly go away – light up again – go away – light up again – go away.  I  decide I should listen to what’s happening instead of just watching and guessing so I stop the hair dryer.   I hear loads of little girl laughter and precious baby giggling.  When I go to see what’s causing all of the fun  – I discover that Nia thought Nate’s crib would be a better toy box than his actual toy box.

He was surrounded by blocks, books, cars, stuffed animals, some noise making things – and he was LOVING it.

I really didn’t appreciate the beauty of it all at the time because I was in a hurry to get to work and because each morning I have to pick everything up in case the realtor wants to show the house.  Now though, I see how funny and special the whole thing was.  My two kids were having a blast together.  I need to stop for a minute and realize – even if it means a mess for me, it’s so worth it.  I guess I’m just thinking like a mom on the move – I saw the mess and said, “ok time to stop we need to go.” But Nia knew better.  She replied with a line she usually says when she’s trying to sit on him or something, “but he likes it.”  This time though, she was right.

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