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More Time to Mull it Over

11 Aug

It seems we have a little more time to consider the offer from Overland Contracting.  Apparently, the president of the company is on vacation this week and the recruiter told Andrew the others involved are working on it.  Right now, we wait until the recruiter calls us back and tells us we have to decide.  I think we’re leaning toward taking it but aren’t 100% on that.  We just have to be realistic.  Good jobs are hard to come by these days and it’s a great opportunity for him experience-wise.

As for me and my job search, I have an interview tomorrow with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta but I still haven’t heard back from any of the other companies.  The library people told me it would be two weeks before they made a decision and they would let me know either way so at least I’ll know where I stand one way or the other. The University of Georgia one said they’ll “be in touch” but they just stopped taking job applications on Friday so I’m giving them a few more days to “be in touch.”  The public schools one isn’t for me.  They want someone who will work nights and that just isn’t a mom-friendly shift.

I’m really excited for my interview tomorrow though.  Of all of the jobs, it’s the one I think I’d enjoy the most.  That’s probably why I’m so nervous.  That and the fact that it’s a three hour interview with an hour set aside for a writing test.  If they wanted me to write a blog about my kids for it I’m sure I’d do fine, but they actually want me to be all professional and knowledgeable and grammatically correct.

That’s funny.

Jumping for Jobs!

30 Jul

The bait is finally being taken.  Now it’s just a wait and see if we can reel ’em in!

Right now, Andrew is on his second interview for a company called Overland Contracting that’s only 45 minutes away from our house.  He is so pumped about this job because it involves Civil Engineering, his degree.  He also found out yesterday that another 3 companies he interviewed with want him to come out for a second interview.  Two of them (amazon.com and RoadSafe Traffic Systems) would require us moving so even though they have a ton to offer, we’re trying to focus on the closer one first.  That one, Van Der Lande Industries, is about an hour and 15 minutes away (without traffic) so even it’s not ideal but Andrew is really interested in the position (Project Manager) and the opportunities it offers so he’s not too worried about the drive.  He goes for the interview with that company on Friday so this week has been great for him!

As for me, I just had a phone interview with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta this morning.  He told me he’d be calling back to set up an in-person interview so I think it went well.  That job is to be a Web Content Editor for a new site they’re creating that’s geared toward helping families have healthy lifestyles.  It sounds really awesome and I love that I’d be working on something that’s meant to help others.  That’s the reason I even wanted to be a journalist.  My mom learned about medicine to help her through a story she saw on the news, that’s when I knew what I wanted to do.  As a Web Content Editor, I would write, proof and publish stories and oversee any content put on the site.  I would also have to come up with ideas for features on the site and make people want to go to it for health information.

Tomorrow, I have that interview with Gwinnett County Public Schools.  That one is to be a Communications Specialist with the Broadcast and Distance Learning Department.  That position is probably the closest to what I did as a News Producer.  Besides that, I also have an interview set for next Friday with the Gwinnett County Public Library as a Library Associate.  I think I would really like this job not only because I’m weird and I love libraries but because (as awful as it may sound) there’s really no huge responsibility with it. I think that might be the best thing for me since I’ve been out of the “real” world for so long.  It would help me ease back into things.  It may not sound all that great but the pay is actually better than one of my other possible jobs!

So that’s where it all stands for now.  Hopefully, some of these possibilities will turn into realities soon!

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