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Nia’s Thoughts on Drugs

11 Nov

Nia recently had a very serious discussion about drugs with me – all within the 11 minutes it takes to drive home from her after-school.

She read the word “tobacco” on a store’s sign and gasped, exclaiming in tattle-tell voice, “Ooo, they sell drugs at that store!” She then went on to tell me that drugs and alcohol are BAD and she will NEVER have any of those things because she doesn’t want to become ADDICTED.  (Yes, all caps are needed for those words to reflect the level of seriousness and drama she was displaying.)

After telling her it was wonderful that she doesn’t want to do those things and that some things are legal at a certain age even if unhealthy, I asked her where she learned all of this information.

Red Ribbon Week. The just-say-no-week of wearing crazy socks, pajamas and crazy hair to school. Behavior that sometimes raises concern about a person’s well-being got through to a seven-year-old. For now anyway.

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