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Poor Pooch

14 Oct

They really shaved him

Poor Joe-Boy. He went through the shaving, the surgery and now we wait for the healing, hoping it makes him feel all better.

As for the surgery, he now has a metal plate and several screws in his left knee – a fix that many retriever and sporting dogs undergo. His rehab consists of being confined to the downstairs bathroom which, luckily, is one of his favorite places to lounge in the house. He has pills he needs to take pain and inflammation and we have to walk him on a leash for his potty time because he’s not supposed to run or overuse his leg yet. This will last for the next eight weeks.

Our neighbor says it looks like he's mooning

We are just really hoping that he won’t have to have surgery on his other leg. The vets say that it usually happens that way.  Dogs will have one leg’s ligament repaired and then a few months later, the other one tears.  We would just feel so awful for our buddy. He’s such a good dog and we hate to see him hurting or not himself. All he wants to do is run and play. Our 8-year-old puppy.

(To spare some of you from the more graphic scar picture, I didn’t post it on the this blog. If, however, you want to see his boo-boo, click here.)

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