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Potty Monster

21 Aug

It seems we’ve created a Potty Monster.  It’s kind of hard to complain about it though since we’ve been working on potty training off and on for some time now and we should be so excited something we’ve done finally seems to be working. It just seems our latest method of training may be working too well.

He wants to go all the time now.  ALL the time.  Even when he doesn’t have to.  Even when he just went.  All because we gave him a sweet treat after each potty trip.

That’s all he wants now.  “More cookie?  Go potty?  Get cookie!”

We try to explain to him that he just went potty and he doesn’t have to “go” but all that does is make him hysterical. He used to cry when we tried to get him to use the potty, now he cries when he tell him to wait.  It really has us confused about what to do.  If we tell him no then we’re essentially discouraging him to want to use the potty but if we tell him ok then we’re stuffing him with junk all day!

Today, we checked out a book about potty training from the library and I’m searching the net for other techniques.  I hate to change this one mid-method through though because it does seem to be working.  We just have to reduce the size of the sweet.  Something like an M&M or a fruit snack maybe.  I just don’t want to p-off the Potty Monster!

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