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22 Jul

Many kids look like one of their parents. Resemblance among family members is a pretty common thing. You hear things like, “You have your mother’s smile.” “… your dad’s ears.” “… your grandpa’s balding pattern.” What Nia hears is a little different.

Strangers sometimes act floored when they see us together. One of our CVS clerks can’t get enough of how much we look alike. When Nia isn’t with me at the store, the clerk asks where my “mini-me” is and then proceeds to announce to her coworkers, “her little girl looks JUST like her!”

Sure, I can see a resemblance but I also see her. I see Nia. Not me. She is uniquely and adorably herself and it’s hard for me to believe I could be as precious. When she hears, “You look just like your momma,” what does she feel? Right now, probably nothing. But what about when she gets older? What if she grows to resent it?

I also never know how to react to people’s reactions. I respond politely. I thank them. Tell them my genes beat my husband’s. Smile. Then, I turn to Nia and say, “You look like you. Don’t you Sweets?” Beautiful, beautiful Bean.

Mommy & Bean

Patience Wanted: Apply Here

18 Feb

Stay-at-home mother of two, ages 4 and 2, is in need of patience immediately.  Must be willing to work long hours, lift 30 to 60 pounds (depending on whether both kids want to be held or need to be separated) and endure a short-tempered boss who loses it when asked the same question 20 times in a row.  Must have a proven track record of handling unnerving situations with ease while maintaining a calm composure.  Salary is negotiable between a bag of chips and a pint of Ben-n-Jerry’s.  Benefits include a few beers or a White Russian at the end of the day.

So there it is – my somewhat confession that my patience is gone.  Lost.  Or maybe it just ran away.  For Lent this year, I didn’t give up junk food, chocolate, cuss words – I made a promise to try and be more patient.  Well, the first weekend of Lent just so happened to be the trip to Philadelphia – so much for keeping it together then.  Now though, I feel as though I still haven’t really been trying.  The littlest things set me off – I already wrote about Nia asking me the same question over and over again (even though I answered her 2 or 3 times already) or repeating “Nate” over and over again until my eyes want to bulge out of my head as it pops off and explodes (I think Nate feels the same about that one).  Nate’s tantrums have another kind of effect on me.  I more want to bury my face in my hands and start crying.  He’s just exhausting.  Then there’s the both of them together.  The SCREAMING.  Oh my goodness.  The SCREAMING.  I know I’m going to be deaf.  I can almost feel the damage happening as the shrieks pierce my ears.

Well, so much for my period of peace as the kids rest.  I just heard Nate throw some things out of his crib.  As long as he doesn’t have poop on his hands like he did yesterday – I’ll be fine. Well, I’ll try to be anyway.

Silly Things I Say During the Day

10 Jan

They are only silly because they so very pointless to say – like a 3 year old and 1 year old are really going to listen/understand.

“Don’t make a big mess.” (Said right before they manage to tear apart 3 rooms – with toys/objects spread throughout the house.)

“Try the food mommy cooked for you, you might like it.” (Usually said when I cook something like stew.)

“Nate, don’t give all your food to the doggy!” (Meanwhile, the dog is in heaven and the boy is smiling.)

“Stop pushing your brother down on the floor.” (Said as Nia is chasing him around the house – both are laughing hysterically.)

“Can we please stop screaming?” (Usually said right after the previous silly statement.)

“It’s night-night/nap time.” (Right after this one Nia begins to freak out about how she is not tired and doesn’t want to go to sleep.)

“Do you want mommy to lose her mind?” (This one comes after a really trying day.)

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