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Introducing the Muppets…again

27 Oct

It is about time! I’ve tried several times over the last few years to introduce the Muppets to the kids but, sadly to me, I was the only one watching the movie after a few minutes. I guess it wasn’t cool enough when mom talked about how much she loved the Muppets when she was little. Nope. They needed pop culture and marketing hoopla to spark an interest in my beloved singing and comical characters.

Cue: The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manhattan – and one happy mommy and new fan, Nia.

She now loves the Muppets so much, she wanted to draw each character while she watched the movies. I loved that so much, I had to capture it. We’ll see if she can sense the difference between the old Muppets and the new. I know I will…

Deep in Drawing

Cast of Characters

Muppets by Nia

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