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Stress Case

15 Jun

Want to load the dishwasher? He’ll be there, blocking your way like a bouncer checking IDs at a bar.

Need to use the bathroom? You are going to have an audience as he will succeed in sneaking his 90 pounds of fur in the room with you.

Playing a board game on the floor? He’ll quickly end that as he turns circles and then plops down on top of half the game.

Trying to say goodnight to your kiddos? He wants to also. In fact, he doesn’t want to leave their rooms, ducking out in Nia’s over-flowing closet and not listening to you as you try to call him out of her room. (Because he will want out, likely waking up Nia/Nate to set him free.)


Joey is a major stress case when it storms. That’s just a few obstacles we encounter when it rains. I’ve heard some people will give their dogs anti-anxiety meds to help ease their nerves. I worry about that because of side effects but I think it’s time we ask our vet about it. For everyone’s sake.

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