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Tiny Homeowners

19 Jun

This weekend we bought the kids a playhouse.  It was Andrew’s Father’s Day gift.  He said it’s what he wanted because he knew it would make his kids and his babies’ mama happy. (Don’t worry, I still got him his very own gift too!)
Welcome to Our House
While the house is making everyone happy – there’s already been quite a few domestic disturbances to report. Nate is a wild man in the thing.  He climbs through the windows and he constantly tries to stand on that flimsy yellow table.  He also fights Nia for the little phone that came with the house.  Notice in the picture below that it’s missing from the wall?  Who knows where it is and we’ve only had it since Saturday!
A Happy Home
They really have been having a blast in there and Andrew and I have a blast as their next door neighbors.  (As long as they keep their music down and their grass cut!)
Hello There Neighbor

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