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It’s none of my business but…

21 Aug

Every morning, he emerges from his house with one thing on his mind. The older man, who always wears a smile on his face and offers a wave to neighbors, walks to his backyard and begins inspecting his beautiful flowering plants that line his property. He cares for each one patiently and thoroughly, making sure they are pruned and watered. He loves them and it shows.

Now, his precious plants are being crowded and possibly threatened. The new neighbor behind him is building a fence. Practically right on top of them.

Does he have the right? Sure, if he obtained the proper permit and permission from the homeowners’ association. Does that mean it is right? I say no.

I’m heartbroken for him. It just seems so inconsiderate and in your face. I would have at least talked to the man about it before putting up the posts. I asked him if he was told about it. He gave me a very disappointed no.

Funny thing is, I think the fence will be nice for our block, providing some more privacy. I still can’t help think that it is not worth it though. A man’s feelings should mean more than another man’s privacy fence.


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