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Swing Sets are So Worth It

28 Apr

Ever since we moved from Savannah, we’ve been wanting to get an outdoor play set for the kids.  It was a decision that didn’t come lightly.  Andrew really wanted to make sure he was getting one that would last.  He did online searches, he ordered the catalogs, he researched the wood used to make different ones – this was not a spontaneous purchase.


Some of the sets we saw cost thousands of dollars (quite a few cost more than both of our cars!).  Of course, we weren’t going to get one of those, but we wanted what those offered – installation and a good warranty.  In the end, we found one we all liked –

It’s the baby of all the Rainbow play systems and it’s perfect for us!  It has all the features the kids love and the peace of mind and quality that Andrew loves (it’s also made in the USA and plants 5 trees for every one they use).  I’m just happy the kids finally have a fun outdoor place to escape to and enjoy.  I love that Nia and Nate can just walk outside whenever they want now and swing their little hearts out!  Mom and Dad can even get in on the fun – it’s built to hold the “big kids” too!

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