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We finally did it…

10 Nov

Nate’s crib has been replaced.  This bunk bed used to be Andrew’s, Uncle Matthew’s and Uncle Anthony’s and they certainly left their mark on it.

Nate's Big Boy Bed

Nate is the fourth Valles boy to call it his own and his seems to love it so far!

First Nap in the B.B.B.

We were going to wait and make it a special thing for his third birthday but with him using the potty all the time now, we didn’t want him to have to “go” in his night-time diaper just because he couldn’t get out of his crib.  We’ll see how it goes!


Running on E

30 Sep

Running on Exhausted
It’s not the bad kind of exhausted where you walk around and feel exhausted.  It’s more the kind where as soon as you sit down, you’re ready for sleep.  I don’t even allow myself to get comfortable until at least 8:30 pm because I know I’ll be asleep in about 30 minutes.  The big complaint I have with this early-to-bed routine is that I’m usually not in bed when my eyes close.  I end up in a deep sleep on the love seat with Andrew snoring away on the other couch.  I love how even when we don’t sleep together, we still sleep together.

Running on Excitement
I still really like my job.  It’s been almost a month and I can honestly say I am having a great time doing my work.  I enjoy being there, my coworkers and boss are super nice and fun and I am excited about what the future holds.  So far, I’ve been working on the main website, www.choa.org, by helping the other content editor maintain it.

Most of my excitement surrounds my main job – the wellness website.  This site does not exist yet.  I was hired to help create, implement and maintain it – with the goal of making it a success.  The site is planned to be launched by January/February of next year but we’re still in meeting mode.  Enter my excitement.

I’m giddy about getting started but also nervous because I’ve never created a reputable website!  It’s just so hard to grasp how all of it is going to come together.  We’re working with three different companies and I can’t even wrap my brain around how they all will mesh together on one site.  I have confidence that I can do this, but I would just feel more comfortable if I had a little more of an idea of what to expect.

Running on Empty
Yeah, this is where I put the gas subject in here.  I’m not mad.  I’m not disgusted.  I’m curious.  I want to know how much gas the drivers who are fighting in lines, sucking the pumps dry, have in their tanks when they pull up.  I want a reporter to be there waiting to document where the gas gauge is pointing or how much gas went into their tank. Do they really need it or are they just freaking out at 3/4 of a tank thus taking it from those who really do need it because they are on empty or close to it?  I also want to know what it’s like to be a gas station worker/owner right now.  Even the tanker truck drivers probably have crazy stories to share.  I’ve heard from the panicked pumpers who’ve been stalking the stations and I’m starting to feel less and less sympathy for my fellow gas guzzler.

A positive I see in all of this is that a lot of companies are letting employees work from home to help conserve.  As a matter of fact, my work from home day is set for Friday.  If I could walk to work I would.  God knows I need the exercise.  Since I can’t, I will do my best to not freak out and swerve toward the first sign I see with numbers on it.  (Although I’m tempted to drive circles around the others who did screaming “Got gas?!” over and over again.  Of course, not with the kids in the car.  Besides, that would waste gas!  Sha!)

Running on Enamors
As much as I like work, the best part of my day is picking up my little loves.  Nate gets a huge smile and screams, “My mommy’s here!  My mommy’s here!”  He will even tell people as we walk by them, “My mommy’s here Miss Kristi!”  Nia always has a drawing for me or a note of some sort.  She’s been trying to spell words all by herself by sounding them out. The other day she even wrote a letter to a friend she met.

Some other high/lowlights are:

  • Nia really didn’t like the Beef and Broccoli I made for dinner a few days ago.  I thought she liked it. She had been eating it and was almost finished, then she said “I’m going to throw up Mommy.”  And what do you know?  Just like that.  Blah.  Right on her Ariel plate.  I felt HORRIBLE.  I told her I was sorry that she got sick and she told me, “People are just different Mommy.  Not everyone likes the same things.”  She taught me a valuable lesson that day.  I now let them sample any different food before I sit down to eat dinner and tell them, “Try one bite and if you really don’t like it I will make you something else.”  Sure, Super Nanny might say I’m spoiling them or whatever, but I’d rather make their stomachs happy than sad.
  • Nia and Nate had picture day at their schools and Nate’s are hysterically adorable.  I can’t wait to show you!  For Nia’s, Andrew fixed her hair and I let out a squeal of happiness when I picked her up that day.  Two perfectly parted ponytails.  He does such a great job!  (He even tried practicing braids!)
  • Yesterday, Nate actually ran to the potty, opened the lid and started pulling down his pants!  We were praising him so much for his big boy act that Joey was going nutso downstairs.

As for Joey – he has to have surgery on his leg because he pulled a ligament.  The vet says it just happens when a dog is over a certain weight and age.  Poor buddy.  He’s been limping around and confined to downstairs.  His surgery isn’t until October 7. I just hate to see him this way.  He wants to run and play but can’t.  We hope the surgery will have him back to his crazy self in no time.  (Please!)


“Go to sleep, Nate!”

17 Jan

Nate used to be so wonderful at taking naps.  He would eat his lunch and then say “Night night” and that would be all it took.  I would carry him to his room and he would put his thumb in his mouth as he clutched his blankie and then  he’d curl up in his crib full of stuffed animals and random toys (his new favorite is an old Fisher Price plane).

Now, it’s a much different story. He still eats his lunch and tells me “Night night” when he’s finished – but he will not just go to sleep anymore.  I now have to enter his room anywhere from 2 to 3 times and tell him to go “night night”.  Sometimes, I even have to pick up every blanket, animal and toy that he tossed on the floor.  I went through it all today – except this time, I had a helper.

“Go to sleep Nate!”

Nia had had enough of Nate’s naptime antics so she decided to scream at him as she watched television in the living room. I told her that I didn’t think screaming was going to get him to sleep and then I went downstairs to clean. A few minutes later, Nia walked up to me with a toy that was supposed to be in Nate’s crib.  She told me she got it from his room when she went in to tell him to go to sleep.

“He wasn’t sleeping so I just went in and gave him all the things he wanted and he laid down to go to sleep.”

In other words – our little girl took care of her little brother.  I just think that is the sweetest thing and I’m so proud of her.  Wouldn’t you know it?  That angry man is fast asleep – thanks to his big sis.

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