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Snowy Fun in Georgia

1 Mar

Nia Attacks

Snow Nate

Daddy is Armed!

Snow Nia and Momma

Hot Chocolate after Snow

Hot Chocolate after Snow

Snow! (Or as Nate said, “No!”)

17 Jan

We might have missed it if it wasn’t for our neighbor Allison.  She called me during dinner and asked me if I had looked outside lately.  It’s not that I haven’t seen snow before or anything – (I was born during a blizzard so the legend is told!) – it’s just a pleasant treat when it snows on us here in Georgia. Besides, this was the first good snow that fell on Nate since he’s been born!  Here’s some of our fun –

At first he was scared!

Didn't want to come inside

Representin' all of us!

It is actually still snowing/sleeting out there and the ground is now covered much more than these pictures show.  I’m so glad the kids got to have a little winter fun.  Now, if I could just get Andrew to go get me a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sonic Blast – my snowy night will be complete…

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