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The GPS made me do it…

18 Sep

The other day Andrew let me borrow his GPS thinger-ma-jig so it could “guide” me to a doctor’s office in Athens.  I had used it once before – to take my mom to the Atlanta airport – but I am no where near comfortable with aimlessly following it’s directions.  (That airport trip was especially nerve-wracking but more because of all the traffic!)

I’ve witnessed how it can lead you astray from time to time but Andrew will defend it until the end.  One time we asked it to find us a Kroger.  We obeyed its commands until it said “Arriving at Kroger on right.”  Um.  No.  Nope.  No Kroger there. “That’s just because I need to update its mapping software,” he argued, “It probably was here at one time.”

Besides an occasional “software” issue, it’s really just the idea of putting all my trust in a little box with a voice that sometimes sounds condescending and irritated if we accidentally go off the course.  “Recalculating.”  “Continue .5 miles then make a u-turn.”  “Make a u-turn.” “Recalculating.”

She had to “recalculate” several times with me on the day I took her along to the doctor’s.  For the most part, I did ok because I had a general idea of where I was going. It was on the way home that I had to turn around after misunderstanding her instructions.  Fortunately for me, she really didn’t let me down.  Turns out, the place were I had to turn around just happened to be where Starbucks is.

I called Andrew from the drive-thru and told him – “The GPS made me do it.”  I mean, come on – she led me right to my drinky!  After that, I didn’t care if she got me lost or scolded me – I will never doubt her again!


13 Jan

It was a 20 minute drive and very worth it!  My Caramel Frap was the most delicious one I’ve had in awhile. Sometimes they skimp on the caramel and whipped cream – not this time though.  I always order the smallest size but it’s been so long since I had one I went all out and made it a “venti”!  Man was that thing HUGE!  IT WAS AWESOME!

I don’t get out much, can you tell?  I don’t care – it was a very enjoyable moment for me and I look forward to the next one!  I think I’ll wait a week or so though after savoring all those calories and fat!  At least now I know where I need to go for my Frap fix!  (Thanks to Jason for the tip!)

In Search of a Starbucks Drive-Thru

12 Jan

Yes, I’m one of those people.  The one who needs their Starbucks fix.  I have $50 in gift cards burning a hole in my new really cool diaper bag (thanks to our new friend Monica) and they are all I can think about. As soon as I’m finished posting this I’m going to search for the closest Starbucks drive-thru and then load up the kids and take a road trip!  I haven’t been out of the house during the day all week so what better reason!?!? (Forget about the groceries and other necessities we need – Caramel Frap here I come!)

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