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Does this scrunchie go with my outfit?

13 Jul

What? What do you mean it’s not fashionable to sport scrunchies anymore? Well, I guess that’s good info to know. I likely won’t respect that rule though.

I think I’m just too darn lazy to be a fashionista or concerned with the latest styles. It’s something I’ve come to realize as I experience more situations that call for me to make vital fashion decisions.

For example:

  • My idea of getting dolled up is attempting to wear some eyeliner and remembering to don some of that costume jewelry I have thanks to my mom and sister.
  • I’d also rather not subscribe to fashion magazines because I don’t want to know how many faux-pas and don’ts I’m committing.
  • I don’t just fail at clothes and jewelry though. I’ve never used the most feminine “grooming” products.  (Some cringe when I tell them I use the cheapo razors to shave my legs. Add the fact that I rarely use shaving cream and they think I’m barbaric.)
  • I don’t take care of the hair on my head like I should either. It is never trimmed within the range of fashionably acceptable.
  • I’ve had the same makeup for months (it’s years for lipstick). I’ve never followed the rule of replacing makeup every so often. In fact, how often am I supposed to replace it?
  • As for nail makeup, I rarely remove my toenail polish to apply a fresh coat. Nope. I just try to fill in the chips. Like I said, lazy.

When I think about it though, I guess I’m not as lazy as I think. Being lazy didn’t contribute to my favorite article of clothing – my holy jeans. I had to work to make all those holes. That’s a style I’m proud to wear.

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