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Grosser than gross …

26 May

but real and kind of humorous.

That’s how I would describe the accidental discovery I recently spotted in a ladies’ room stall.

I walked in and saw that the can labeled “not a trash receptacle” was open. In this particular ladies’ room, this receptacle (such a smart word) is meant to hold clean bags to allow for proper disposal of, you know, girl stuff. I went to close it (because things such as this tend to bother me) and upon doing so, noticed the contents. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the unsightly details but this is what struck me as appropriately funny.

There, obviously, was trash in the non-trash can. That trash included:

  • A used girl thing that shall not be named
  • A piece of chewed gum
  • An empty pain pill packet
  • And – an empty Heath chocolate bar wrapper

Yes, I was grossed out. But also entertained. I mean, it all makes sense. All of those things are often necessary during that time. Even flipping off the not-a-trash-can sign. “You’re not gonna tell me what to do!”

I actually think the grossest part of it all is that it’s likely that candy bar was eaten in that stall.

Whoa. Must have been a BAD day.

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