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Watching Us, Watching Them

5 Jul

Fish Frenzy

This is not meant to be a negative reflection of the Georgia Aquarium and all its greatness. I love it there. It’s incredible. The kids ooh and ah at every swimming creature and we cherish the pleasant memories we make there. I just don’t love what we put ourselves through to try to create those pleasant memories.

Maybe I’m high-strung. Maybe I expect too much. It’s just, it’s almost impossible to really enjoy all the wonders the underwater attraction has to offer. All of the bodies outside of the tanks hamper it every time.

I’ve been to the aquarium four times so far. Each time, it’s the same thing. Hordes of people crowding around tank windows of all sizes, crammed into caverns or awesome tunnels, trying to get a glimpse of something. Don’t stop or look too long because then you’ll be criticized or shot a dirty look by people who want to rush through. Don’t rush through because then you’ll get a head shake by those who want to appreciate it more. I overheard one girl say to her fellow tourist, “People with strollers and others just want to stop and look. I mean, come on! See it and then move on.” Oh, and forget running into a nice person who will offer to let a child squeeze through to get a better look. I mean, they’re two to four feet tall, I guess they could get in the way.  (No!)

Front Row to the Fish Show

I wonder, what do the fish think looking back at us? They have more room in their tanks then we do outside, looking in. Do they think we are crazy? All those people sardined in, pointing and peering, looking at each other rudely as they wait to get a better look. “Did they really pay to (not) see us swim around?” “Look at that one, picking his nose.” “Why do those little ones keep slapping the glass?” “Why isn’t anyone over here at my window nook?”

I paid to watch the fish and sharks and stuff but I got a side of people watching for free. I’m not sure you can put a price on that level of entertainment.

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