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How Things Change

22 Jul

It used to be I would wish and pray and promise I’d give things up or do something different if I could only just have that really pretty Barbie – front row seats to a New Kids on the Block Concert – my crush of the month to like me back – a bigger CD collection – to make the volleyball team…

Now, I’m about to go there for a job.  All I’m hoping for right now is a call about a job. Or an email about a job.  Any job.  Well, any job that doesn’t involve sneaky telemarketing companies disguising themselves as a real marketing firm or unwanted attention from insurance companies.

So far, I’ve applied for 9 jobs that I think I would really like. I’ve only heard back from one and it obviously wasn’t a positive response.  Here’s what I’ve got out there –

  • WXIA Mom Website Manager
  • University of Georgia Publicity Manager (I just got finished applying for this one at 3 am.)
  • Emory University Communications Specialist
  • Northeast Regional Health System Public Relations Specialist – (The first to let me know it was no.)
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Website Content Manager (I just checked the website and it says my application is “under consideration.” We’ll see…)
  • Georgia Public Broadcasting Creative Services Producer
  • Gwinnett County Schools Communications Specialist/Broadcast & Distance Learning
  • Gwinnett County Public Library – Library Associate
  • Publix Grocery Stores (Andrew says they just aren’t calling because there are no openings.  I just can’t help but feel a little unhirable since they won’t even call!)

There they are.  All the ones that I can remember off the top of my head.  I’m actually really rooting for the Library Associate one.  It has great pay and benefits and I’ve always had a love for the library. Hopefully, they’ll show me a little love!

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