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Well, I didn’t collapse so that’s good

16 Sep

What do you call a person who participates in a three mile run/walk without weeks, days or even minutes of exercise prep and gets less than three hours of sleep the night before the race?

I must be crazy. I made it though (along with thousands of others who filled downtown Atlanta streets) and I don’t really hate my time. (45:30 or about fifteen minutes per mile.) Other than that here are some additional observations/experiences from my second attempt at a 5K.

  • I didn’t dare to stop to tie my shoelaces. I was afraid that if I stopped for even just a few seconds, I wouldn’t be able to start again. I also thought about how tripping would slow me down as well but I justified that by telling myself my chances of tripping were slim. I would face-plant due to exhaustion before shoelaces.
  • I was double-fisting at the fitness event. I started carrying a water bottle and a sports drink bottle. I ended up throwing both half-full bottles in the garbage.
  • People seemed to walk faster for the free t-shirt at the end of the race then during the race.
  • Both older and younger walkers crushed my time. One example that stands out in my mind involves an elementary schooler who held hands with her mother as they walked and crossed the finish line. (It was really sweet.)
  • I’m going to hurt in the morning. Wait, scratch that. I’m hurting now.
  • I didn’t know you could get blisters in between your toes.
  • The smells of food cooking, something burning and the sewer are never great during a race like this.
  • There were boxes and boxes o f bananas. I also saw a few whole nanas on the ground. The event was flooded with the yellow-green fruit.
  • Walking is hard.

I’ve decided my next race will include some prep work. I want to make an improvement on my time and, more importantly, reduce my body aches.

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