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Missing Phone

20 Jun

Remember that toy phone I wrote about in the last blog?  The one that came with the playhouse?  The one I said I didn’t know where it was?  Well, I found it – or more, it found me.

As I was taking out the garbage, it beeped at me.

Yep, I had to dig in the garbage (past the dirty diapers and old food) because I could not knowingly throw the phone away.  Don’t worry, I doused it with Lysol wipes.

If you’re wondering how it even ended up in the trash can, you probably can guess.  Nate slipped it in there the other day.  I thought I saw/heard him put something in the can – but I wasn’t about to go garbage diving.  That was until I realized it was his phone.

The things we do for our sweeties.

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