Right now I should be…

16 Sep

getting the house ready for another “showing” tomorrow.

That means cleaning, tweaking and hiding.  I should be doing things like washing the dishes, scrubbing the dog drool off the windows, sweeping the fur balls off of the floor, stuffing paperwork/clothes/personal items in places a possible buyer likely won’t open and doing all the other gazillion things our realtor told us other realtors thought would make a difference.

Will moving the living room furniture around really be the key to sold?  So far – no.

Will making it look like we don’t have a dog be the answer?  So far – no.

How about moving furniture out of our bedrooms only to crowd them in the garage?  You guessed it – so far – no.

It’s not that I think it all won’t help – I just thought if someone really likes our house then it won’t matter how we have it.  I mean, they’re not buying the furniture and after the houses we looked at to buy our house is spotless!

In one house the carpet was DISGUSTING.  We would have to replace every bit of it.  Also, the microwave that comes with the house – covered in splattered food.  I know that’s something I can clean but come on!  You know you’re trying to sell your house – you know people are going to be inspecting it to see if it’s for them – the least you can do is wipe out your microwave!

I know I’m picky but there are lots of people like that (and much worse) and their houses sell so I have a pretty good feeling mine will too without having to rent a storage place to hide all of the furniture we’re stacking in the garage or repaint the house or resod the yard or lose my mind!

Buy Me

Despite feeling that way though, I know as soon as I leave this computer I will do everything I don’t feel like doing – hoping it will be the last time I have to do it.

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