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Unclean House Confessions

28 Feb

I try. I do. I really would not say our house is messy/dirty. There are places where mess accumulates but with that I just have to shut a few doors and – tada – the house is ready for a surprise visitor. There are quite a few things I slack on though.

  • I should definitely scour our shower more than I do. In fact, I really don’t do it. Andrew does it because I whine about it so much. I’ll clean all the bathtubs – no problem. There’s just something about our shower that defeats me every time.
  • I have never cleaned inside the oven. I will only dive in there when it’s an absolute must. Like when that runaway fry escapes from the pan and starts burning and junk. Then, I’ll just use some tongs and remove the blackened tato.
  • I can’t tell you when I last dusted the light fixture hanging above the dining room table that we never use. Come to think of it, that light really never gets used either.
  • Are you supposed to wash curtains? Just kidding. Ha, ha, ha. Well, I have washed the sheers on the windows – at least once. (By the way, is there an easier way to clean wood slat blinds? I’ve tried dusting them – that takes forever. I’ve tried using the vacuum attachment – that didn’t really work at all. I can’t figure that one out.)

I just feel like I can never get ahead of it all. I have to do all the basics in spells – here and there. If I see dust, I dust. Since I have the dust spray in my hand, I might as well do the upstairs. (I tell myself I’ll do the downstairs later.)  If I have the glass cleaner out to clean one mirror that’s bothering me, they’re all going to get cleaned right then and there. It just all feels so scattered. The only time it all gets cleaned at the same time is when guests come to stay. Thankfully, we have guests visiting quite a bit.

(*This post was inspired by that runaway fry.)

Were the Steaks Worth It?

19 May

Boy they were tasty but I certainly could have done without them if I would have known this was going to happen…

What did we do?!?!

We’ve been using charcoal in our old gas grill and for a few months it was working great, then a freak piece of coal escaped.  It fell from the grill on our deck and landed in the pine straw next to the house.  We did not know this happened until Andrew smelled the smoke.  He looked outside and saw the line of pine straw on fire and the side of the house being destroyed.  He grabbed the hose and went to work.  We are SO lucky that it was not worse than this but it still is unsettling.

Fried House

We are now just waiting to get it fixed. The company that originally did the siding work is supposed to send someone out to fix it either tomorrow or Monday.  Can you believe we almost burned down our house?!?!  INSANE!  I can still smell the smoke.  From here on out it’s gas grills for us!

Not Sold Yet

7 Nov

Our house is finally under contract and we have a closing date of November 30.  While it does make me happy, I can’t let myself feel relief yet. I’m just an “I’ll believe it when I see it” type person and I won’t feel real relief until it’s all over.

For example, today the “buyers” and their inspector guy gave our house the once-over.  We had no notice this was going to happen today and because I thought “hey, our house is under contract so I don’t have to be such a freak about cleaning anymore” – I decided to clean out our closest last night and sort through pounds of paper I’ve had stashed around the house.  Of course, I did not complete those ventures so I have 3 large garbage bags filled with clothes in our room and a basket of papers on our couch with another garbage bag on the floor there.

Also, Andrew found out the husband doesn’t like dogs – well, they met all 80 pounds of Joe-boy today!

This next thing is the most embarrassing one though –

I had a tube of petroleum jelly and a tube of diaper rash cream on our sink in our master bathroom because our kids needed these things last night and I didn’t put them away.

I can only imagine what went through their heads when they saw them.

I just hope the “buyers” don’t change their minds.

Right now I should be…

16 Sep

getting the house ready for another “showing” tomorrow.

That means cleaning, tweaking and hiding.  I should be doing things like washing the dishes, scrubbing the dog drool off the windows, sweeping the fur balls off of the floor, stuffing paperwork/clothes/personal items in places a possible buyer likely won’t open and doing all the other gazillion things our realtor told us other realtors thought would make a difference.

Will moving the living room furniture around really be the key to sold?  So far – no.

Will making it look like we don’t have a dog be the answer?  So far – no.

How about moving furniture out of our bedrooms only to crowd them in the garage?  You guessed it – so far – no.

It’s not that I think it all won’t help – I just thought if someone really likes our house then it won’t matter how we have it.  I mean, they’re not buying the furniture and after the houses we looked at to buy our house is spotless!

In one house the carpet was DISGUSTING.  We would have to replace every bit of it.  Also, the microwave that comes with the house – covered in splattered food.  I know that’s something I can clean but come on!  You know you’re trying to sell your house – you know people are going to be inspecting it to see if it’s for them – the least you can do is wipe out your microwave!

I know I’m picky but there are lots of people like that (and much worse) and their houses sell so I have a pretty good feeling mine will too without having to rent a storage place to hide all of the furniture we’re stacking in the garage or repaint the house or resod the yard or lose my mind!

Buy Me

Despite feeling that way though, I know as soon as I leave this computer I will do everything I don’t feel like doing – hoping it will be the last time I have to do it.