Nia & Nate’s Daddy

4 Oct

There are so many wonderful stories I can tell about this man.  So many times I’ve watched him be a great dad and I’ve told him I think so – but it just seems to mean more if he really sees what I see.

There is nothing more sweet than seeing your little girl light up when daddy walks in the room.  Hearing her say “My daddy’s home” and seeing her run over to him to wrap her tiny arms around his neck.  It is the most comforting and secure feeling and was one of the hardest things to have to come to terms with when those call-up orders came last December.  I just kept thinking about our Nia and how different she would be without him here.

He’s always there to cheer them up when they’re sad – never hesitates to make himself uncomfortable so they can be more comfortable – forgets about eating a bowl of cereal/any food/drink by himself because our little mooch Nia will want some – always lends a hand by giving the boy his bath and night time bottle – leaves work instead of me sometimes when the kids need to stay home or go to the doctor – – –

He makes them giggle like no other person can.  It’s the little things he does – either by tossing them up in the air and catching them (making me worry about head injuries or broken bones) or by rolling the boy back and forth using his head to push Nate around (making me worry Nate’s going to get angry).  Andrew always knows what’s best – he just shakes his head at me like I’m a worry-wart and then tells the kids “Momma’s silly huh?”  Nia, naturally, agrees with the one who’s making her laugh and says, “Yeah, momma’s silly.”  And the boy, well, anything his daddy does is pretty cool with him.  He just smiles and lets out a big baby laugh whenever daddy’s involved.

When Andrew gets angry though – boy oh boy – you don’t want to miss what might come out of his mouth.  I thank his dad because I’ve heard he had some great lines – but I think Andrew had the BEST one EVER the other night.  It was a warning to Nia who hadn’t taken her nap and was out of control – he said, “You’re going to make me so mad you won’t even believe I’m me.”  Granted – she’s only 3 and I think that was a little too deep for her to grasp – but I thought it was brilliant!  I repeated it a few times so I wouldn’t forget it.  “you won’t even believe I’m me.”  Wow.  And, I truly believe he is the one to blame for the “I wanna listen” line.  I mean nothing I could possibly even think to say could have spawned that one.  I think he might have said something like, “Do you want me to get angry? Well then listen.”  See?  As Nia would say, “Daddy did it!”

I think about the kind of dad he’ll be when the kids are ready to date/drive/get tattoos and I can’t wait to experience all of it with him. I’m so very thankful for him – as the father of my children and the love of my life.  Every day I wonder what I did to get so lucky.  I know I would not be the mom I am if I didn’t have a dad like him on my team.  I’m just glad he and I are in this parenting thing together.

Naptime Daddy

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