Crazy Starts With…

13 Oct

As part of the development of Nia’s young brain – each week her teacher has the students bring in something that starts with a certain letter.  While this seems like a simple project – for some reason it drives me crazy.

The first time was something that starts with F.  I “f”orgot about it though – so being the “f”reak I am – I tore apart my car looking for anything that would make sure my kid wasn’t left out.  It was so awful too – I was walking in with her when I heard other parents rubbing it in – “We brought in a frog”  “We have a flag” and then there was the showoff (I’m super jealous for not thinking of it) who brought “food” to share with the class.  What did Nia end up bringing? Fingernail polish from my purse and a glass frame from the day care’s office!  I told the teacher I should get an F for failing as a parent – letting my kid basically bring poison and a breakable object to class!  What’s wrong with me?

To make up the “f”(ing) day – I made sure we tackled the next task just as nicely done as the one showoff kid.  When asked to bring in something round – we had cookies ready to go!

On “t” day I kept thinking of more dangerous objects – tools, toenail clippers (I think fingernail polish was still on the brain) – we ended up bringing in a stuffed turtle.

That brings us to today.  “H” day.  I knew she would take in a stuffed horse she has.  It’s pretty funny though because when I showed her what she was taking she yelled with excitement, “Pony!”  Ok – so technically it was a pony – but for the purposes of “h” day it was a horse!

So- all of this letter talk has Nia curious about what everything starts with – which is great – I’m glad she’s learning more – at the same time though – it’s exhausting. Driving to school today this is what I heard from the backseat-

“Momma – what’s baby start with?”
“What’s bottle start with?”
“What’s Nia start with?”
“What’s coloring book start with?” (That’s a trick question – I had to tell her a c and a b – try explaining that one)

The questions continued on – leaving me to think to myself with a laugh – what’s crazy start with?

For me there are two answers to that question – of course the letter c – but also it all starts with letter day!

Crazy Nia

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