Our Little Tattletale

20 Oct

Nia, Nate and I were on the way to school when it all began.  We hadn’t made it 3 minutes from home when Nia says “Momma, baby spit up.”

I immediately find a safe place to pull over so I could get out of the car and assess the damage.

Poor little guy – he was such a mess.  I was kind of hoping for both of our sakes that all I would have to do is take off the bib and tuck it away until later, but this mess required a complete change of clothes and a baby wipe bath.

We got home and I had to carry him really awkwardly because I didn’t want to have to change too.  I managed to get him cleaned up and dressed and began scrubbing the yucky clothes as I tried to keep Nate away from the toilet bowl or shelf that can tip over on him – then I hear a little girl voice from the hallway, “Momma, where’s doggy?”

My eyes roll backed into my head and I thought – obviously somewhere he shouldn’t be because why else would she be asking me that.  I mean, if he was sitting right next to her I’m pretty sure (hopeful) she wouldn’t ask me where he was.

I opened the laundry room door that leads to the garage and there was Joey – halfway down the driveway.  I yelled his name in a panic and he froze.  As I was leading him back inside I tried to teach Nia why we just can’t let the dog outside like that but then I had to dive for Nate to keep him from taking a dive into the toilet bowl.

As I was driving the same route I just had 20 minutes earlier, I realized how lucky I am to have a tattletale child.  If she hadn’t told me – Nate would have had to sit in that yuckiness and the dog would be long gone.

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