Much More than a Bowl

31 Oct

Tonight, I watched a little girl entertain her little brother with a bowl. The laughter I heard coming from that baby was a sound that made me remember how truly beautiful life can be.

Every night we just kind of go through the motions – get home from work, feed the kids, feed ourselves, give kids baths, get kids ready for bed, put kids to bed, clean up mess from dinner/playtime/living, watch tivo’d shows until we both fall asleep in the living room.  I usually get stressed out when the kids make a bigger mess than usual because that means more work I have to do – but tonight as the kids were tearing apart my Tupperware cabinet – tossing bowls and lids across the floor and even into the next room – I just sat there and watched and laughed.

I saw a 10 month old follow his 3 year old sister’s every move. He then began letting out this sweet baby laugh when she put the loudest bowl on her head, spoke some ridiculous gibberish and then dumped her head to let the bowl clank to the floor.  This happened over and over again  – each time he laughed a little harder and each time the gibberish got a little more ridiculous.  (Something like, “ridabiga-ridabiga”  I’m not really sure how to type it since I really didn’t understand what she was saying.)

At first I just watched wondering why on earth he thought that was so funny – then I realized it doesn’t really matter and began laughing too.  It was a moment that I thought – I wish I had this on camera – but then I thought – I don’t want to miss any of it!

I know the next time I go to use that bowl for some leftovers I will remember how my sweetie used it to make her baby brother and her mommy so happy.  Maybe it will even make the food taste better!

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