Our Little Pick-Pocket

8 Nov

The following is written by Andrew (it’s my first blog):

This morning at 7:15, I was frantically looking for my wallet.  I looked on the nightstand where I usually leave it every night…not there.  I looked on the kitchen counter where I occasionally leave it when the kids are hectic coming home from school with me…not there.  I looked in the pants I wore yesterday just in case I left it in my pocket…not there.  I even looked in my car before I left just in case I took it out of my pants while in the car…not there.  I think we are seeing a pattern.  The thought crossed my mind that one of the two beautiful girls I live with moved it in cleaning or playing but they were both sleeping and I thought it did not matter too much at this point since I had to get to work.

Anyway, today is election day and I did not realize the consequences of a lost wallet until it was nearly too late.  I had no way to prove I was who I claim I am at the voting booth.  And just so everyone knows, your cell phone is not a “utility” to qualify for a “utility” bill and prove your existence, but your bank statement proves your existence.  So I did get to vote.  Beyond that, it was relatively uneventful.  I did need to find my wallet before tomorrow as I will be driving to Atlanta for work and it will be tough without a driver’s license and cash for gas.  So I told myself I had to find it tonight.

Well, when the kids and I got home, I laid Nate down for a cat nap since he was sleeping in the car and asked Nia if she wanted to help me find my missing wallet.  She politely said, “Sure!”  I looked in the same places as this morning: nightstand, kitchen counter, pants, car with the same result as this morning (I hear that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results).  So I added to my search: under the bed, under the couch, under the end tables, under the nightstand, in the bathroom, in the hamper, in the garbage bags containing clothes to take to Good Will.  Then Nia says, “Maybe it is in your closet?”  I thought she was just being 3 and went off to her room.  Back into our room she comes, wallet in hand and says, “Look what I found!”


I ask where she found it and she excitedly replies, “In MY closet!”  I make her show me and it was in her closet in her toy mailbox (it’s that thing with the butterfly on it).

Turns out Nia had given one of the toy letters to Nicole last night – I guess kind of like a trade.  Let’s see – my wallet filled with credit and cash and proof that I can vote or her toy piece of mail.

One Response to “Our Little Pick-Pocket”

  1. gummibunny November 7, 2006 at 11:59 pm #

    Yay! Welcome to blogging, Andrew! If this whole business thing doesn't
    work out, you should become a photojournalist. You always get a great
    photo to complement the story.

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