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Pants on Fire

20 Nov

When do we learn how to lie? How do we learn how to lie?  Doesn’t 3-years-old seem a little early for trying to pull a fast one on mom and dad?  It’s something I didn’t think I would have to worry about until hormones started raging – but it seems a napless day has the same effect.

Today Nia threw a toy after Andrew told her not to throw it.  He and I both saw her chuck it but still we had to be parents and ask the question we all knew we knew the answer to, “Nia, did you just throw that toy?”

“Are you lying to me?”
“Well then, how did it get all the way over there?”
“It just moved there.”
(It was really hard for me not to laugh after that one)
“Nia, tell me the truth – you threw it right?”

After this conversation we had one about lying and how you shouldn’t do it.  She said she understood – or was she just lying?

Our Little Pick-Pocket

8 Nov

The following is written by Andrew (it’s my first blog):

This morning at 7:15, I was frantically looking for my wallet.  I looked on the nightstand where I usually leave it every night…not there.  I looked on the kitchen counter where I occasionally leave it when the kids are hectic coming home from school with me…not there.  I looked in the pants I wore yesterday just in case I left it in my pocket…not there.  I even looked in my car before I left just in case I took it out of my pants while in the car…not there.  I think we are seeing a pattern.  The thought crossed my mind that one of the two beautiful girls I live with moved it in cleaning or playing but they were both sleeping and I thought it did not matter too much at this point since I had to get to work.

Anyway, today is election day and I did not realize the consequences of a lost wallet until it was nearly too late.  I had no way to prove I was who I claim I am at the voting booth.  And just so everyone knows, your cell phone is not a “utility” to qualify for a “utility” bill and prove your existence, but your bank statement proves your existence.  So I did get to vote.  Beyond that, it was relatively uneventful.  I did need to find my wallet before tomorrow as I will be driving to Atlanta for work and it will be tough without a driver’s license and cash for gas.  So I told myself I had to find it tonight.

Well, when the kids and I got home, I laid Nate down for a cat nap since he was sleeping in the car and asked Nia if she wanted to help me find my missing wallet.  She politely said, “Sure!”  I looked in the same places as this morning: nightstand, kitchen counter, pants, car with the same result as this morning (I hear that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results).  So I added to my search: under the bed, under the couch, under the end tables, under the nightstand, in the bathroom, in the hamper, in the garbage bags containing clothes to take to Good Will.  Then Nia says, “Maybe it is in your closet?”  I thought she was just being 3 and went off to her room.  Back into our room she comes, wallet in hand and says, “Look what I found!”


I ask where she found it and she excitedly replies, “In MY closet!”  I make her show me and it was in her closet in her toy mailbox (it’s that thing with the butterfly on it).

Turns out Nia had given one of the toy letters to Nicole last night – I guess kind of like a trade.  Let’s see – my wallet filled with credit and cash and proof that I can vote or her toy piece of mail.

From the Mouth of Nia

7 Nov

“Momma/Daddy, I want you to turn around/go away so I can eat my brownie.” (She’s supposed to eat her dinner first.)

“But he likes it.”

“I don’t want you to yell at me.”

“Are we going to the circle store?”

“Momma, I want coffee.”  (don’t worry I just get her chocolate milk with whipped cream)

“Pinky.” (when wanting to watch one more Tom and Jerry cartoon)

“Bynastics.” (instead of gymnastics)

“Momma/Daddy, turn around/go away so I can make stinks.”

“Can I have my magazine?” (while on the potty)

“Oh, thank you.” (after you tell her you love her)

“Is this 3T?” (while shopping for clothes)

“Are you zha-zha?” (to Nate)

And of course…

“I wanna listen”

Much More than a Bowl

31 Oct

Tonight, I watched a little girl entertain her little brother with a bowl. The laughter I heard coming from that baby was a sound that made me remember how truly beautiful life can be.

Every night we just kind of go through the motions – get home from work, feed the kids, feed ourselves, give kids baths, get kids ready for bed, put kids to bed, clean up mess from dinner/playtime/living, watch tivo’d shows until we both fall asleep in the living room.  I usually get stressed out when the kids make a bigger mess than usual because that means more work I have to do – but tonight as the kids were tearing apart my Tupperware cabinet – tossing bowls and lids across the floor and even into the next room – I just sat there and watched and laughed.

I saw a 10 month old follow his 3 year old sister’s every move. He then began letting out this sweet baby laugh when she put the loudest bowl on her head, spoke some ridiculous gibberish and then dumped her head to let the bowl clank to the floor.  This happened over and over again  – each time he laughed a little harder and each time the gibberish got a little more ridiculous.  (Something like, “ridabiga-ridabiga”  I’m not really sure how to type it since I really didn’t understand what she was saying.)

At first I just watched wondering why on earth he thought that was so funny – then I realized it doesn’t really matter and began laughing too.  It was a moment that I thought – I wish I had this on camera – but then I thought – I don’t want to miss any of it!

I know the next time I go to use that bowl for some leftovers I will remember how my sweetie used it to make her baby brother and her mommy so happy.  Maybe it will even make the food taste better!

Crazy Starts With…

13 Oct

As part of the development of Nia’s young brain – each week her teacher has the students bring in something that starts with a certain letter.  While this seems like a simple project – for some reason it drives me crazy.

The first time was something that starts with F.  I “f”orgot about it though – so being the “f”reak I am – I tore apart my car looking for anything that would make sure my kid wasn’t left out.  It was so awful too – I was walking in with her when I heard other parents rubbing it in – “We brought in a frog”  “We have a flag” and then there was the showoff (I’m super jealous for not thinking of it) who brought “food” to share with the class.  What did Nia end up bringing? Fingernail polish from my purse and a glass frame from the day care’s office!  I told the teacher I should get an F for failing as a parent – letting my kid basically bring poison and a breakable object to class!  What’s wrong with me?

To make up the “f”(ing) day – I made sure we tackled the next task just as nicely done as the one showoff kid.  When asked to bring in something round – we had cookies ready to go!

On “t” day I kept thinking of more dangerous objects – tools, toenail clippers (I think fingernail polish was still on the brain) – we ended up bringing in a stuffed turtle.

That brings us to today.  “H” day.  I knew she would take in a stuffed horse she has.  It’s pretty funny though because when I showed her what she was taking she yelled with excitement, “Pony!”  Ok – so technically it was a pony – but for the purposes of “h” day it was a horse!

So- all of this letter talk has Nia curious about what everything starts with – which is great – I’m glad she’s learning more – at the same time though – it’s exhausting. Driving to school today this is what I heard from the backseat-

“Momma – what’s baby start with?”
“What’s bottle start with?”
“What’s Nia start with?”
“What’s coloring book start with?” (That’s a trick question – I had to tell her a c and a b – try explaining that one)

The questions continued on – leaving me to think to myself with a laugh – what’s crazy start with?

For me there are two answers to that question – of course the letter c – but also it all starts with letter day!

Crazy Nia

Am I Doing This Right?

20 Sep

It’s something I asked  myself today as I tried to win a battle with a 3-year-old.

It started just as I was finishing up getting ready for work.  I don’t know what caused it – she wasn’t in trouble or even about to get in trouble – I was just telling her it was almost time to go.  That began an INSANE amount of “I wanna listens.”

I decided I would try to ignore her.  Before I started this challenge I told her, “Mommy isn’t going to talk to you until you stop saying that.  OK?  As soon as you’re finished we’ll talk.”

It’s like I didn’t even say it. I even ran the vacuum and she kept repeating it!  I also tried humming some happy-sounding tune that I made up – but she didn’t miss a beat with her whine. In fact, she did not stop until I had both her and her brother buckled in the car seats and I was backing down the driveway!  And, the only reason she stopped is because she tricked me!  She had been silent for not even two seconds when she said, “Momma?”  Relieved to hear something other than those 3 horrible words, I braked, turned and looked at her and replied, “Yes?”

“I wanna listen.”

After that I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and explained again that I would only talk to her when she was finished.  Finally, she stopped and I told her I wasn’t mad at her – I just thought it was silly to say it over and over again and that she just needed to listen – not say it.

So, did I do the right thing?  Did I cause security issues because I ignored her?  Is there a better way?  I just don’t want to do this whole parenting thing wrong.  It felt so awful to ignore her cries – I only hope it helps stop or at least reduces the ridiculousness.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

No Nap Nia

18 Sep

There were a few times today I thought I was going to lose my mind.  Andrew left early this morning on a business trip so that meant it was all me all day with the sweeties.

I’ve done it plenty of times before – it’s not that it’s hard or anything – it’s just that it wears me and my sanity out – especially when our little princess doesn’t take her afternoon nap.  No nap means the princess’ evil twin comes out to whine, talk back, throw fits and rip toys from her baby brother’s fingers.  I asked her several times today where my sweetie was and if I could have her back.  A simple nap would have found that sweetie.

That’s the Nia who says “Oh, Thank You” with such grownup sincerity when I tell her I love her.  The Nia who makes silly faces just to make me laugh.  The Nia who wraps her little arms around my neck and says “I love my momma.”  Who sings to Nate to make him stop crying.  Who recites the words to Willy Wonka (specifically when Violet turns into a blueberry, she loves the line the dad cries out at the end of the scene “I’ve got a blueberry for a daughter!) – sings the “ah, ah, ah” part of the Little Mermaid – loves the song “Close to You” by the Carpenters and makes us sing that to her each night before bed – calls gymnastics “ba-nastics” – calls my mom “honey” instead of grandma – tells everyone “Momma did it” when I cut her bangs way too short – who says “sure” when I ask her to do something.

She’s just such a happy, helpful, loving child for the most part and that’s why it’s really hard to handle anything but our normal Nia.  Don’t get me wrong, even when she’s unbearable because she hasn’t had a nap, she’s still sweet.  When she sees we’re getting mad she says a phrase Andrew and I have both now come to hate –  “I wanna listen.”  I know it seems silly – it’s such an innocent comment – but imagine a fake cry voice saying that over and over and over and over and over again after you’re already upset about something.  It’s kind of extreme but Andrew and I are so sick of hearing it he’s actually tried to tell her that was a bad thing to say and wasn’t nice!!!!  Has it worked? Nope. The whole thing is just so silly.  It kind of goes like this.

Me/Andrew – “Did you just hit/push/steal that toy from your brother?” (This can be replaced with any other action she should be questioned about.)

Nia – “No.”

Us – “Don’t lie Nia – Why did you do that? That wasn’t nice.”

Nia – “I wanna listen.”

Us – “Ok. You need to be nice.  How would you like it if someone treated you that way?”
Her – “No! I wanna listen.”
Us – “Ok. That’s enough Nia.”
Her- “But I wanna listen.”
Us – “Stop saying it Nia!”
Her – “But I wanna listen.”
Us – “Say it again and it’s time out.”
Her – quietly “But I wanna listen.”

AH!  (That’s me now!)  I know this probably sounds awful – but after hearing it so much and sometimes for no reason at all, it just wears on us.  Today I had to go through it all probably five times. I finally got to the point that I was like, “Uh-huh, great, listen.”  And would you believe that actually worked!  She didn’t repeat it!

Despite all of the battles that happened today because she didn’t have a nap, we made it through the day with quite a few fun moments (her thinking our dog Joey would like his food better if it was drowning in his water bowl/us playing games and puzzles while Nate took them apart for us/us cuddling in the rocking chair as we watched Aladdin) and in typical Nia fashion – it all ended preciously.  When I came back from putting Nate to bed I saw her catching flies – fast asleep on the couch hugging her stuffed elephant.  Although at one point today I was wishing for her just to go to sleep, I was sad I didn’t get to tell her I loved her and hear her say it back to me. I guess that’s what parenthood is all about – one minute you’re ready for silence, the next you feel like something is missing – and it is – the sound of sweeties.

Night-night Nia.  I love you so very much.

Zonked on the Couch

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