My Last Friday

18 Nov

Need an ego boost?  Quit your job.

Play at Work

What a day!  It was so touching how many people said nice words, gave presents or cards or just a pat on the back to let me know I’ll be missed.  The newscast was as easy (thanks reporters and photogs) and clean as it could be (thanks to our director Jeff and production) and I was as emotional as I could be.

While I am so very happy to start this next adventure in my life, I’m also so very sad and scared to let go of the old one and the people that were part of it with me.

Much of my time there kind of blurs together but here are some of the highs and lows:

  • I started in May of 2000 – ten days after graduating college. My first duty was weekend producer and weekday assistant producer – I did that for a year and a half until I moved to the weeknight 11:00 and then about six to nine months later, the 6:00 newscast.
  • Weeks after I started, both the executive producer and news director were fired.  Both firings happened on a Wednesday – one of my days off.  I remember Anna (a producer I looked up to) called me to let me know.  She thought I must have been really doubting my decision to work there.  I was so immature and inexperienced that the seriousness of the situation didn’t sink in then. For the next few months we were babysat by the main station in our company – then Kevin was hired as news director.  He was/is an incredible boss and I feel so fortunate to have learned from him.
  • In Kuwait

  • I was spoiled during two pregnancies there. When I was expecting Nia and Andrew was deployed, I received so much support and concern from just about everyone at the station. One of our reporters, Tim, even did a story about what we were going through.

Comfy with Ginger

Another reporter there, now my really great friend Ginger, became a source of strength for me as my birthing coach.  She went through the whole experience with me – threw us a baby shower – even read weekly online updates of what I’d be going through.  Words really can’t say how much she means to me – I’m so very grateful for her friendship. Even after I had Nia and returned to work, the support from everyone continued. There were so many times I would have to have Nia at work with me – sitting on my lap as I tried to finish the newscast or as I boothed it. Ginger or Paul Rea would always be there to watch her so I could get finished.  Nia was there so much people would joke she was assistant producer.

Assistant Producer

No one ever made me feel like I was bothering them by bringing a baby to work – in fact it seem like people enjoyed it. (Even if she wasn’t so sure!)

Goofing Off

I am so lucky that I was working with such wonderful and caring people during that time – they all made me feel so loved and so happy and I never will forget all they did for our family.

  • I had to watch so many good friends and people leave before me – something that got harder the longer I worked there. I also just had to leave quite a few people who mean the world to me. Each of them has a special place in my heart and memories and I will always wish them well and hope we stay in touch. I also thank them for all the laughter and comforting moments they’ve given me – I only hope I returned the honor.
  • The station went through so many changes during my time there- I experienced one General Manager switch, a new set, new high tech editing equipment and cameras, 3 studio controls (remember when we had to booth out of the back room of master control?!?! or how about that hole in the wall shaped like a triangle?!?!) new branding, new personalities, new breakroom, new logo…

I could keep going but I think I’ve captured enough.  There’s just one more thought I want to share though – when I first interviewed to work in the Savannah market – I could have taken a job at WTOC – the number one station here. I would have been paid more and had a larger staff to work with – but I chose WSAV.  I chose WSAV because of the people.  The moment I walked in that messy newsroom filled with a bunch of talented characters I knew it was where I wanted to be. It’s funny how some things never change.

Anchor Nia

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