Pants on Fire

20 Nov

When do we learn how to lie? How do we learn how to lie?  Doesn’t 3-years-old seem a little early for trying to pull a fast one on mom and dad?  It’s something I didn’t think I would have to worry about until hormones started raging – but it seems a napless day has the same effect.

Today Nia threw a toy after Andrew told her not to throw it.  He and I both saw her chuck it but still we had to be parents and ask the question we all knew we knew the answer to, “Nia, did you just throw that toy?”

“Are you lying to me?”
“Well then, how did it get all the way over there?”
“It just moved there.”
(It was really hard for me not to laugh after that one)
“Nia, tell me the truth – you threw it right?”

After this conversation we had one about lying and how you shouldn’t do it.  She said she understood – or was she just lying?

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