Online Again!

15 Dec

You know you’ve moved to a small town when it takes a freakin’ week to get the internet!  What the heck?!?!  We just got it up and running and this was the first website on my long list of sites I need to visit in order to feel a sense of balance again!

Now for the difficult decision of deciding what to write about – I mean so much has happened to the Valles Fam in the last few weeks but I couldn’t possibly write about them all – like you really want to read about them and frankly I don’t want to re-live some of them.  What I will share is a general idea of our lives so far –

We love our house – it’s twice the size of our old one and offers the kids tons of play space – although we still haven’t fully baby-proofed it yet (Andrew just put a gate at the top of the stairs but I know the crazy little man will try to rip it out of the wall).  Our priorities are pretty odd when it comes to getting the abode together – we still have boxes to unpack and rooms to situate but we made darn sure to paint Nia’s room like a princess.  Pink – Purple and Blue – When we get the camera stuff hooked up I’ll share some pics-  it’s really pink but Nia LOVES it.

Andrew has to drive anywhere from 2 and a half to 3 hours a day to get to and from work right now until his company finishes the new plant that’s closer to our house.  They say it will take about 6 months for that to happen.  We just hope it will really only be 6 months. He seems to like working out here – I think he really likes the challenge of trying to fix something and make it better. I just have to give him the time to do that and not call him 10 times a day about the silliest things.

As for me, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m doing.  Everyone keeps asking me how it’s going as a stay-at-home mom and if I’m getting the hang of it.  I really don’t know how to answer that. (DISCLAIMER – please don’t take offense if you’ve asked me these questions – it’s frustrating hearing them so many times.) I mean, it’s not like the job I was used to – where I would see results at the end of the day.  Right now, I just consider it a good day if zero or very few tears are shed (both from me and the kids) – I really don’t know how to gauge if I’m “getting the hang of it.”  The question actually kind of angers me a little bit too – I mean what do people really think I’m going to say – “NO! I HATE IT AND I WANT TO QUIT! I WANT TO RUN SCREAMING FROM THE HOUSE SOMETIMES”  Or, “Why yes, I’m an excellent mother with perfect children and I never have any issues with them.  All I do is watch soap operas, Dr. Phil and Oprah and eat chocolates.” Really, all I can say is – I’m doing the best I can.  Anyone that tells you it’s easy either doesn’t care that much about teaching and disciplining their children or has a housekeeper and cook.  Just like any job – there are ups and downs – in this case the downs are Nia crying “I want to be nice to brother!” over and over after just pushing him down and then sitting on him – sometimes the ups come out of the downs though – for example when Nate looks at me and his sister with a smile as she continues to scream she wants to be nice to him –

I’m hoping that once we are really moved in and finished with the big house projects I will be able to have more of a routine with the kids.  I’m sure that will really help us all.  I’m also looking into getting Nia involved in a part-time preschool just so she can interact with others who want to color all of the time and play tea party.  (As much as I love to do these things with her it’s kind of hard when there’s a 1-year-old boy standing up on a little rocking chair like he’s surfing.)

I guess I’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings and thanks to our working internet connection – I’ll get to share some of the humor (and grief) with you!

2 Responses to “Online Again!”

  1. nonaesthetic December 15, 2006 at 7:45 am #

    We loved our visit and miss you so much!Being a stay-at-home can be incredibly frustrating. They're your kids, you should be able to deal, right? And then there's the guilt when you have a bad day, or you make a mistake, or you just don't know what to do. But, it's important to remember that if there's a tantrum or a fall, you're the one picking up the pieces and making everything better – not a random employee. You know that your kids are getting the love and support only a parent can give. And all the smiles (when they do come) are just for you. Most days that makes up for it. On other days, there's liquor.

  2. Are You ZaZa? December 15, 2006 at 2:29 pm #

    You are so right! (About the boo-boos and smiles and liquor!) Andrew discovered the "ready-to-drink" White Russian! He bought the biggest bottle I think! I'm armed and happy!

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