So I Never Forget…

15 Dec

So far, mommyhood has already given me many sweet memories – moments I don’t want to forget. Since some of them have faded from my memory, I want to share some of the ones that have happened since we’ve lived in the “new” house (as Nia keeps calling it).

– After about an hour of bouncing back and forth across the room and tearing into the boxes I was trying to sort through, Nate makes a turn my way to crawl under my arm and wiggle into my lap so he could cuddle up next to me letting me know – hey mom – I’m worn out – can you put me in my crib now?  The warmth I felt from his affection was so amazing – he never acts that cuddly – he’s usually such a fighter and tough guy – I guess he has a soft spot after all!

– Nia telling me “I love you a lot Momma.”  Or the day she told me I had a big heart. I’m not sure if she meant because I’m bigger than her or not – it really doesn’t matter – it was so precious and innocent.

– The first time Nia did something cute/funny with her brother or the dog and told me “Take a picture Momma.”

– The giggles I heard when Nia put on Nate’s Flounder Halloween costume and used the nose to bump Nate’s head.  Why this was so funny I don’t really understand but she did it to him like 20 times and he kept laughing out loud every time.

– Right now, as I’m trying to type this Nia is sitting on my lap and moving the mouse around and trying to push buttons (I mean she .is pushing buttons) ..this means it’s time to make more memories away from the computer!

One Response to “So I Never Forget…”

  1. Scoop December 16, 2006 at 8:05 pm #

    There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a baby giggle. I wish I could spend more time at home with Drew…cherish every moment…even the downs!

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