One More Try

22 Dec

After another aggravating issue with our DSL phone internet service, we are now surfing hi-speed with the cable company.  This just better work!  I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly frustrating it’s been not having a reliable internet service – especially since I was counting on the internet to do most of my Christmas shopping!  Really, the only problems we’ve had since we’ve moved have involved two of the pastimes we love the most – this and TV watching.

It’s funny because before the move we were talking up DIRECTV – saying it’s so awesome and we always get great service.  Since the move, we’ve been through 3 different High Def DVR receivers (something that made us miss the last episode of Heroes before the new year!) and now the access card on another new one could be going bad!  And every time Andrew would call to try and get help they would put him on hold where he would eventually be disconnected!  Hopefully, we’re through with our TV/Internet issues.  The phone company problems made us so angry that we’re completely canceling service (even though we had a great phone number!).  All of you friends and family reading this – please bear with us – I’ll let you know the new house phone number as soon as we know it.  🙂

One other ridiculous thing that’s happened to us since the move – I tried to order pizza from Pizza Hut (which is like less than a mile away from us) the first week we were here.  We didn’t have a house phone number yet and when they asked for a number I told them I had to use my cell.  The girl then tells me my cell is not registering in their system and because it’s not registering I can’t order pizza from them!  WHAT?!?!  What about the days before everything was computerized and they had to take down my order on a notepad and drivers had to have maps in their cars?  I mean, all I wanted was two medium original pan crust pizzas with Italian sausage!  Of course, Andrew’s response to all this didn’t really help my disbelief – he simply said “Well, we won’t be ordering from Pizza Hut anymore.”  NO!  I LOVE FREAKING PIZZA HUT!  Although I’m annoyed they wouldn’t deliver me pizza I don’t want to write them off altogether.  Every once in awhile I need that grease fix that only Pizza Hut can give me!  I just thought it was a riot.  NO NUMBER?!?! NO PIZZA!

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