Kitchen Cabinet Playground

23 Dec

Almost everyone has one in their homes – a cabinet/area where Tupperware and other plastic containers are stored.  Some are pretty neat with lids organized by size and bowls stacked nicely within each other – others are filled with mismatched bowls and lids that fall out of the door every time it’s opened.  I am an anal person and have always tried to maintain a very tidy cabinet – I did, that is, until the kids discovered it.

At least twice a day after the two of them tear through the cabinet, I have to collect all the pieces off the kitchen floor  and sometimes other parts of the house.  It is a pain but allowing them to cause such a mess allows me to finish dinner or do the dishes.  Tonight though, their time in the cabinet involved more than just tossing piece after piece out – tonight’s toss-out was a little more creative.

Nia and Nate had taken just enough out so they could each sit inside the cabinet.  The door in front of Nia was closed – the door in front of Nate was open. I would hear Nia say something like “Da Da Ba Da Ba” and then a lid would whiz past Nate and land in the pile they had already started.  They would hysterically laugh each time this happened – it was tons of fun for all of us and made me wish for a moment that I was small enough to fit in there with them. It also made me think how funny it would be if I go visit them when they’re older and living on their own just so I can destroy their cabinet – then I remembered- they’ll have kids of their own one day!

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