Turning One

26 Dec

Tomorrow our little angry man becomes a one-year-old angry man.  He is so hilarious – even when he’s doing something he totally should not be (pulling on the blinds, yanking the tablecloth off of the table, touching the night lights in the electrical sockets) it is hard not to laugh at him.

Andrew and I will yell “NO!” at him with the most mean face we can force to try and scare him away from the bad doing – that doesn’t work – he just smiles at us. We’ve even tried giving him a tap on the hand (because he could fry himself if he doesn’t stay away from that darn socket) – he LAUGHS at us and then tries to hit the object he shouldn’t be touching.  We are obviously doing something wrong with him.  We’ve tried moving him away from the object over and over again – NOTHING WORKS!

Last night at dinner Andrew tapped his hand to stop the boy from crashing our Christmas dinner on the floor – it was like a game to him then – Andrew and I had to cover our mouths and turn away from him so he wouldn’t see us laughing – it’s so funny because when he knows he’s in trouble he just looks at us with very wide baby blues and forms the teensy tiniest little circle with his lips – WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO DARN CUTE?  I mean, he had spaghetti sauce all over his face and his eyes were huge and his mouth like Dr. Evil when he says “One Million Dollars.”  (An example of the face is in the picture below.)  It’s just so hard to be angry with him.  I’m sure that will change though…

Funny Face

I can’t wait to see the kind of little boy he’s going to become.  In his first 12 months I’ve already discovered that he is a major handful and a joy – a headache and a laugh – a terror and a sweetie – a screamer and a giggler –  and a 100% daddy’s boy.  I am so thankful for my precious little boy and all the moods/feelings he’s brought us and am anxious to experience what’s next.  Happy Birthday Nathaniel Robert – mommy and daddy (and big sister) love you so very much.

Busy Boy

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