Mommy’s Here

3 Jan

I just feel so special to get to say those two words. Tonight, I realized how much they mean to say and to hear.

Around midnight, Nate woke up screaming and crying.  Even though I was clear downstairs and had the television on – I heard him and went running to check on him. He was fine – he just had a stuffy nose which probably made him angry.  I was so thankful he didn’t have a fever or didn’t get sick in the crib – I was so thankful that all he needed was for me to wrap my arms around him and tell him “Mommy’s here.”  He laid his little head on my shoulder and his body was relaxed as I swayed with him and rubbed his back.

It’s amazing how you’re able to hear them over everything when they need you. At first with Nia, I was always worried that I wouldn’t hear her if she cried while I was sleeping – I mean the alarm blares right next to my ear and I don’t hear it – how was I going to hear her in the next room?  The fact that I can is so unbelievable and beautiful to me.  What’s even more precious to me is how you don’t ever lose that ability.

My mom just came down for a visit and during her time here she comforted me in that “Mommy’s here” kind of way – not by humming me a lullaby like I did for Nate – but just by being here to stay up late and laugh with me, by giving me a hug before bedtime, by cooking us delicious food, by making me feel better about the job I’m doing as a mom – I’m going to be 29 in a week and yes, I still need my mommy in many ways.  I only hope my kids will like me enough to want me around when they’re older!

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