The Screamer

17 Jan

Some of you know the story of “The Screamer” but for you others, let this be a warning.

He will fool you with his irresistible cuteness and happiness – seeming to be at peace with all that surrounds him. Then, out of nowhere, he releases an ear-piercing, breathtaking, heart-stopping scream.  It’s a sound you’d never imagine would come from such a small creature and one you never want to hear again.  What’s even more troubling is the enjoyment he gets after letting it out.

I haven’t been able to get the deafening noise recorded yet – I’m afraid it will damage my equipment.  I’ve told myself to be brave though – I need to preserve it so he will know how he made people at church/the store/on the phone gasp and ask “what in the hell was that?!?!”  All I can say is, “that’s just our screamer.”

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