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He Speaks!

18 Jun

Finally, the Boy is communicating by using something other than grunts and screams!  He’s been saying “uh-oh,” “daddy” and “doggy” for awhile now but nothing else.  It just seemed like he had no interest in speaking.  (I mean, why speak words when Caveman-talk was working just fine for him?)

Well, now Nate is working on being the next jabber-jaw of the family.  (Nia currently holds that title.)  He’s been saying “no, no, no, no, no” when I ask him to do something (and for right now it’s super cute).  He also says “baby” whenever he sees a baby doll or a baby doll toy.  I also think I recognized “hot” and “don’t.”  Hmm…bet you’re wondering what we say to him all the time huh?

“Put Down the Toilet Bowl Brush!” and other things I find myself saying to a busy baby boy

1 May

Some days I can’t even believe these things are coming out of my mouth.  What’s even more sanity damaging is how many times I have to say them to our 16-month-old boy – plus it’s not like he even understands.

“Get out of the doggy’s water bowl!” (After he’s already put his hands in the water and rubbed it on his face – bleh.)

“Don’t stand on that box/basket/toy! Danger!” (Said while he’s usually wobbling on a super flimsy thing he felt the need to stand on.)

“No hitting mommy!”  (Painfully said after I’ve been slapped on the cheek or the leg.)

“Please stop turning on the bath tub water faucet!”  (I cannot even begin to describe how annoying this is!  He turns the water on full force then puts his hand in it so the water goes everywhere or if I’m not fast enough he’ll toss our scale in tub, drenching it.)

“No eating the crayon/barbie head/dog bone!” (Self-explanatory.)

“No calling China on mommy’s cell phone!”  (Prying the cell phone from his tiny fingers requires great strength and determination.)

“Give me that soy sauce!”  (The thing he ALWAYS grabs and puts to his lips when I open the fridge door. I keep telling him to lay off the sauce but he doesn’t listen to that either.)

Baby Sometimes, Action Star Always

22 Apr

“He’s only 20 pounds!”  That’s what Andrew tells me when I cry to him about how Nate pushes me around the kitchen as I’m trying to cook or do the dishes.  He may only be 20 pounds but – that boy is STRONG.  He actually has made me lose my balance a few times.  Pushing isn’t the only way he likes to show he’s a tough guy – he also loves to slap my face – not with just one hand – nope, I’m so special that I get the double slap. He does it in a sort of sneak attack way – he’ll be all loving, even giving me a few kisses, when all of a sudden – WHAM on both sides of my face.

He’s just such a little tough guy.  He’s constantly climbing things and he will fall ALL of the time but he never gets discouraged or afraid…he just goes back for more!   Andrew and I have tried to keep his feet on the ground but he always finds a way to put them where they shouldn’t go!  Just watch the movie below to get a small idea of what I’m talking about…(and please don’t worry, I would have sacrificed the camera for my son – I just wanted to capture his craziness so he’d know what a heart-stopping child he was)

If this is what he’s like now at only 16 months – I am so not looking forward to the skateboarding and bike stunt years.  Ugh…

Day Care Isn’t Always the Bad Guy

31 Jan

We have not even driven in the parking lot of a day care since November and Nate has been sick twice.  There was that one fever a few weeks ago and now he has the worst case of yucky yellow-green snot nose he’s ever had and I’m feeling a case of it coming on too. Where did he get it?  I have no clue and I think that’s worse than knowing he caught it from day care – at least then you have an idea of what your kid could have because chances are they know what the culprit had!

As if it’s not bad enough that the boy has all that gook draining out of him all day and night – there I am CONSTANTLY wiping his nose.  To him it probably feels like I’m going to rip it off (even though I swear I’m being as gentle as I can!). I really think he hates me right now but I can’t help it – I just CANNOT stand it when kids have snot pouring out of their nose.  To help counteract my obsessive wiping I’ve loaded up his nose with Vaseline – I guess I’ve just traded one yucky looking thing for another but at least this one doesn’t run into his mouth or get smeared all over his face/toys/clothes.

I just hope this sickiness ends soon – what makes it even worse is that I had scheduled a “well-baby” check up for tomorrow.  I think I might have to change that now.

Man of a few words

23 Jan

He does not speak but yet he still finds a way to talk back to his mother. How in the world I’m I ever supposed to scold this little angry man when he is so hilariously adorable?!?!

Today, I caught him eating a cardboard block.

Block Buffet

When I saw him chewing it I gasped and said “NO SIR!”

He laughed.

That obviously didn’t get through to him so I lowered my eyebrows and pointed at him (like this was going to be less funny) “NO SIR! NO EATING BLOCKS!”

He pointed at me and said “SHA!”

I held my hand open so he would bring me the block.  (Can you believe he did?!?!)  I pointed at the part now missing color and said again, “No eating blocks! YUCK!”

Nate's Snack

He again pointed at me and said “SHA!”

This continued for some time – I think I just wanted to see how many times he would keep pointing and “SHA”ing.  It was so funny.  At one point I hid my face behind Nia because I couldn’t keep from laughing.  He was so serious and so determined to tell me how he was feeling,  Even when I hid the block behind my back he squatted down to try to see it and again pointed at it and said “SHA!”

I guess he told me, huh?

Block Eater

Can’t Relax

18 Jan

Nate has a fever tonight and it is totally stressing me out because not only do I worry ANY time the kids even feel slightly warm to me (which I say so much Nia actually says she feels “warm to me” when I ask her how she feels) but tonight I am the only parent in town.  Andrew is back in Savannah for work which means IF I should have to take Nate to the hospital I will have to wake up the princess and take her to the germ-infested area as well.  I know I might not have to take him there – I’m just preparing myself mentally so it won’t be such a freak-out session when it happens.

I guess I’m so paranoid about stuff like this because Nia had a febrile seizure when she was about his age and it was the most scary experience I ever went through so I immediately think about that any time the thermometer is higher than 102.  They are just so helpless and innocent and they take up my whole heart – when their health is threatened – mine is too.

I know, I know – it’s just a fever – I mean there are much worse things – I just can’t help it.  I won’t be able to relax until I know he is back in the normal temperature range and his daddy is back home.

The Screamer

17 Jan

Some of you know the story of “The Screamer” but for you others, let this be a warning.

He will fool you with his irresistible cuteness and happiness – seeming to be at peace with all that surrounds him. Then, out of nowhere, he releases an ear-piercing, breathtaking, heart-stopping scream.  It’s a sound you’d never imagine would come from such a small creature and one you never want to hear again.  What’s even more troubling is the enjoyment he gets after letting it out.

I haven’t been able to get the deafening noise recorded yet – I’m afraid it will damage my equipment.  I’ve told myself to be brave though – I need to preserve it so he will know how he made people at church/the store/on the phone gasp and ask “what in the hell was that?!?!”  All I can say is, “that’s just our screamer.”

Angry Mother Sucker

13 Jan

Nate cannot just suck his thumb to soothe himself.  Along with the thumb, he has to make a noise that sounds very disgruntled.  He most often does it while he’s sleeping. The girls at his old day care said it sounded like a motorboat.  Andrew calls him the “Angry Mother Sucker” and it is so fitting.  It’s like he’s angry even in his sleep.

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