False Alarm (Thank God!)

1 Feb

You know that smell of something burning?  I don’t think I ever really experienced it until today.

After smelling it, it took me a few sniffs around the kitchen to figure out what it was.  I unplugged our rechargeable flashlight and sniffed – nope.  I went over to the stove and made sure it wasn’t turned on – nope.  I smelled around the fridge – nope.  I then walked into the other room to see if it was coming from there (it was kind of like that game – you’re getting warmer and in this case I was getting colder).  When I turned around to point my nose back in the direction of the kitchen I SAW what was causing the smell – smoke was coming out of the dishwasher.

I was scared to open it – not only because I’ve watched too many movies that show a huge explosion happens after you open a door that has smoke pouring out of it but also because I had no clue what to do if there were flames behind the door.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with that because it was all smoke.  The cause? Well, he’s about 20 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes and always into something.  Apparently, the Boy tossed one of his clear plastic bottle caps into the machine and I didn’t ever notice.  It was nicely wedged under the heating element.

How'd that get there?

After it was all over with Nia gave me a suggestion to cool it off and stop the “yucky” smell – “Hey, I have a great idea.  Let’s put lots of ice in it.”

Put some ice in it.

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