Day Care Isn’t Always the Bad Guy

31 Jan

We have not even driven in the parking lot of a day care since November and Nate has been sick twice.  There was that one fever a few weeks ago and now he has the worst case of yucky yellow-green snot nose he’s ever had and I’m feeling a case of it coming on too. Where did he get it?  I have no clue and I think that’s worse than knowing he caught it from day care – at least then you have an idea of what your kid could have because chances are they know what the culprit had!

As if it’s not bad enough that the boy has all that gook draining out of him all day and night – there I am CONSTANTLY wiping his nose.  To him it probably feels like I’m going to rip it off (even though I swear I’m being as gentle as I can!). I really think he hates me right now but I can’t help it – I just CANNOT stand it when kids have snot pouring out of their nose.  To help counteract my obsessive wiping I’ve loaded up his nose with Vaseline – I guess I’ve just traded one yucky looking thing for another but at least this one doesn’t run into his mouth or get smeared all over his face/toys/clothes.

I just hope this sickiness ends soon – what makes it even worse is that I had scheduled a “well-baby” check up for tomorrow.  I think I might have to change that now.

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