You’re My Favorite

14 Feb

He's All Mine

He makes me laugh and laughs with (at) me. He puts up with me and my moodiness. He spoils me. He makes me feel safe and comfortable, always putting his family first. He likes my cooking. He tells me I’m smart even though we both know I can be very flighty (Me – “Oh, look at all those dogs in that field!” Him – “Those are goats!  Didn’t the grazing and ‘goat’ees give it away?”).  He always says “I love you” on the phone even if other people are around him.  He is my best friend – He is my sexy – He is my FAVORITE and he is all mine.

I usually kid with Andrew about being “all mine” whenever he does something gross (like farts or picks his nose) but I really am so very happy and lucky that he is “all mine” and I am so thankful he chose me to be his lady.

Step Aside Ladies...

Happy Valentine’s Day Andrew – I love you bunches…

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