How I’m Different

18 Feb

Before staying at home with the kids I:

  • Went to sleep at a reasonable hour (now I’m glued to the tube through the night trying to get my fix of tv shows and movies)
  • Ate fast food Monday through Friday (now I’m happy (and hungry) to say I’ve only bought it once since we lived here!)
  • Rarely cooked dinner on weeknights (now it’s a struggle to decide what I should make – it’s like the one big decision I have every day and sometimes it really stresses me out)
  • Took a shower EVERY day (I know this sounds gross but I mean what do I do?  I hardly ever leave the house so it’s not like I’m schtanky or anything – I swear the most I went without a de-schtanking was one day)
  • Only wore jeans 3 or 4 days a week (now they are all I wear – although the other day I decided to wear pants and put on some fancy jewelry just because – it would figure that I lost an earring though!  Luckily, since I don’t leave the house it didn’t go far and the little man (who of course finds every tiny, dangerous object he shouldn’t) found it for me later in the day!)
  • Super stressed about taking time off from work when the kids were sick
  • Knew about the latest news headlines (now I’m lucky to catch any blurbs on tv or even know what day of the week it is)

Overall, I think I’ve changed for the better.  I feel less stressed and enjoy simple things (like getting the mail) more than I ever would have thought.

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