I Broke Her Heart

18 Feb

The other day I accidentally broke a little Snoopy/Charlie Brown frame that Nia had on her dresser.  As she held Snoopy’s decapitated head in one hand and the rest of his body and frame in the other, she told me through her tears, “Momma, this breaks my heart that you broke my Snoopy.”

As if I didn’t feel bad enough now I’m getting guilt-tripped out by a 3-year-old and then she (of course) tattled on me as soon as Andrew came home that night.  “Daddy, look what Momma did – she broke Snoopy.”

Later the next day I super-glued his head back on and even though she was so happy when I gave him back to her all doctored up, she still reminded me how I broke her heart. All I could tell her was that I was sorry and that I loved her with my whole heart.  I think that healed hers because she gave me a sweet smile and told me it was okay and thanked me for fixing him.  I don’t know if Snoopy will be that forgiving though…

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