Walking through the Front Door

6 Mar

During our trip back to Savannah, I stopped by WSAV and it just felt weird.  I was looking forward to visiting the station right up until I went to drive there.

It dawned on me – I have to park in the front and I have to ring the front doorbell instead of parking right behind the newsroom and using my key like I did for the majority of my grown-up years.  I’m not one of “them” anymore.  That got me thinking – should I even be going back? I mean, they are probably all busy like I always was when people would come visit and what do I really have to say to them?

I decided that since I drove there I might as well just go do it – besides I had already told Paul I would be there and I knew he would make me feel like I still belong (he even asked my opinion on a story which felt really good!). But as soon as I walked in that front door I felt the awkwardness – I could tell some people were thinking – “What in the world is she doing back?” Some people even said it to me.  I guess they were thinking “she’s free – why would she ever return?”  All I could say is I just wanted to say hi and while that is true I also wanted to see how the place was doing.

I don’t really know how to describe it but what I do know is that place was busy and felt so different to me.  Maybe it was so different because I knew I didn’t have to worry about scripts or the deadline or adding stories in at the last minute – I could be in there and just hang and I could leave whenever I wanted and then not even watch the news that night!

I guess my visit back was worth it because I did get to laugh with some of my buddies and hug others that I’ve missed – plus it made me realize I could walk away from something I loved to be a part of without any regrets.

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