There will be much worse, but…

18 Jul

I know things are going to happen to our kids that we aren’t going to like.  I know it would be best if I deal with them accordingly at the time and then push them out of my mind.  But I just can’t seem to shake that a little girl (brat) spit at Nia.

It happened at the end of her gymnastics class on Monday.  During the last 10 minutes, the kids get to play in a big  pit that’s filled with foam squares.  Nia has a blast.  She can jump in like a madwoman – she can get buried under the blocks – all we hear are giggles – tons of giggles.  On Monday though, the little girl (bully) came out crying and walked over to her mom (miserable looking woman).  I had no idea at the time why she was crying.

It wasn’t until we were in the car that I asked Nia – “Why was that one girl crying?”

Nia – “She spit at my face.”

Andrew’s mom and Me – “WHAT?!?!”

Our reaction made her think she did something wrong and she put on a sad face.  I told her I wasn’t mad at her I just needed to know what happened.

Apparently, the girl (meanie) wanted a certain block but Nia was playing with it.  Nia said the girl (terror) began throwing blocks at her head and then spit at her face.

She said her cheek got a little wet but the rest of the nastiness landed on that girl’s (spitter’s) chin.  Nia said the teacher saw what happened and made the girl (who the heck taught her to spit at people anyway?!?!) leave the pit and say she was sorry.  That’s when the teacher walked her over to her mom.  Nia didn’t even act like anything was wrong.  Even after she told me what happened I asked her if she liked the girl (her mom better watch out) and she said, “When she doesn’t spit at me.”

Why can’t I be like that?  Nia could care less and I’m all distraught.  I want to believe that the girl (undisciplined) was just kind of jealous because she usually gets all the attention but there was a different teacher that day so she wasn’t given special treatment.  Also, Nia had her hair in a French braid that wraps in a circle and looked like a princess and was getting some extra attention because of it.  Maybe those things along with the block incident put that girl (just a kid) over the edge.

I might just be making up excuses but for some reason it feels better to do that than to think someone was mean to my little sweetie (not always innocent) because she didn’t like her.

What makes me even more crazy is that this is only the beginning of wanting to protect my kids from the spitters of the world.  What the heck am I going to be like when she comes home crying because someone made fun of her because she’s not wearing the right brand of shoes.  Or worse, the boy she likes doesn’t like her back.

I know she’ll survive and all the let downs make you stronger – but come on – she’s my baby.

One Response to “There will be much worse, but…”

  1. Scoop July 18, 2007 at 12:38 pm #

    Oh, let me at her! I totally understand your desire to rip her head off. ( come on – admit it, you know you want to) I think our little ones can teach us a lot!

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